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All Products, CGDI BMW / CG MB / CG PRO 9S12 Programmer / CG100 / AT-200 / FC200 are in stock, we will ship out in one working day after order.

for Europe buyers, we can ship out from our Europe warehouse, so, you will no need pay any import duty.

What is your warranty?

All our products will take 1 year warranty.

After shopping, if you have any question or problem, please feel free to contact us by Skye/WhatsApp/Email. our WhatsApp: +86 18923442197 Our Email: [email protected] .

Support Drop-Shipping

My company support Drop-Shipping, you don't need keep items in stock, we ship for you.

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You have reliable and safest payment method:: PayPal, Western Union, Aliexpress Payment, WechatPay, AliPay and Bank Transfer.

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